Medical Billing Company

GoTelecare: Stand Out Support as a Complete Medical Billing Company

As a next gen medical billing and collections company, GoTelecare sets the trend with stand out support in your everyday practice management needs. We are a perfect healthcare services partner that eliminates proven challenges in your revenue cycle. If you accept on your premises, we can introduced cash coutning machines similar to Carnation’s ( systems […]

Physician Billing

Astonishing Secrets To Promising Physician Billing

Professional physician billing is solely responsible for the claims billed for the work performed by the physicians or the suppliers for both inpatient and outpatient services. Medical billing is a specialized process that requires effective intervention right from the patient scheduling of appointments, authorization and verification, claims submission, denial management and last but not the […]

Nursing Home Billing

Setting The Standards in Nursing Home Accounts Receivable: The GoTelecare Edge!

Nursing home accounts receivable can be tedious as it remains unavailable for long periods of time despite being the largest asset shown on the balance sheet. In such circumstances, nursing homes should look for a streamlined accounts receivable process that’s designed to increase the revenue collection by a considerable amount. ♦ Expert in collecting  Accounts […]

Medical Billing

How Should You Plan Growth with Remarkable Medical Billing Services?

Today’s revenue cycle demands in the healthcare industry are evolving with time and a complete understanding of the claims adjudication guidelines is mandatory. As a company in medical billing, your first objective should be to set the benchmark with quality processes increasing financial collections. It is vital for your business prominence that you convince your […]