Nursing Home Billing
nursing home billing

How Should You Plan Ahead with Nursing Home Billing?

Understanding the local coverage determinations (LCD’s) remains one of the major challenges for any nursing home looking to secure payments from the insurance. Understanding the Medicare and Medicaid guidelines still remains one of the major challenges for any provider of nursing home billing services.

For a stay to be covered, the patient has to enter a Medicare approved “skilled nursing home facility” within 30 days of a stay in a hospital that had lasted for at least three days. It is quite clear that as a nursing home, you have to invest in resources that understands the adjudication priorities and extends the right assistance!

Ultimately, it all boils down to finding a team of quality nursing home billers and coders that delivers a specialized intervention in the best possible manner. However, it can be a huge challenge to hire one that knows the in and out of nursing home billing and secures a transformation of your revenue cycle.

What Makes GoTelecare Unique

Over the last decade, we have pioneered growth for some of the largest nursing home facilities of the country. Our versatility stems from the fact that we have presence among both payers and providers. In fact, we are helping some of the top insurance plans with our claims adjudication services.

It gives us the competitive advantage to deliver comprehensive nursing home billing services better than anyone else. We have a complete team that drives support in patient information entry, medical coding, claims submission, denial management and accounts receivable collections.

At present, GoTelecare is offering streamlined support in nursing home billing at $7 per hour or 2% of collections. If you want a reliable partner that can elevate your nursing home billing process, hire us for best in class support. Our team has been excellent in working with aging account receivables and has the unique ability of driving your ROI. Leverage our approach for a complete transformation in your existing practice management efforts. We are just a call away from you!