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Outsourcing your healthcare administrative tasks to GoTelecare helps you experience great quality services at incredibly low prices. Whether you are a healthcare service provider in need of trained personnel to work for your organization, or a technology staffing agency headhunting for work-from-home and other suitable candidates to send to your clients, GoTelecare is your one-stop address for finding the right people at the right prices, quickly and easily.

For Healthcare Businesses Planning to Hire New Personnel

If your healthcare business requires billers, coders or other healthcare administrative personnel to be recruited frequently, try us. Just like your good old trusted staffing agency, we can provide you with all the skilled resources you need from our vast pool of trained experts. The only difference is, a GoTelecare executive comes at a much lower cost to you than a recruit sourced from a conventional staffing agency.

Our billers, coders, patient eligibility verifiers and authorizers, accounts receivable management experts, data analysts, healthcare strategic planning consultants and other healthcare administrative personnel – all deliver the highest quality services from the very first day while being amazingly affordable, flexible and friendly.

What’s more, you can save up to 80% of the cost of hiring the same personnel from a conventional staffing agency. This is because a GoTelecare expert comes with a surprisingly low price tag and no additional expenses to you such as a fixed monthly salary, employment taxes, health insurance premium, Medicare tax and certainly, no staffing agency commission or finder’s fees.

Here’s how a GoTelecare medical biller measures up against a conventional recruit sourced from a staffing agency:

For Staffing Agencies Looking to Hire Work-from-Home Personnel for their Clients

Staffing agencies can work smart by strategically partnering with us. There are many benefits that a GoTelecare executive can provide you that a standalone biller or coder, working from his home or garage, cannot. This is due to the fact that GoTelecare is a formal organization, with set processes and policies, and a full in-house team of over 200 full-time professionals.

The benefits are:

  • Better Reliability
    Unlike work-from-home personnel, we provide 24-hour accessibility, no infrastructural setbacks (such as computer downtime or no internet connectivity), proprietary tools and methods for superb efficiency, and a much better level of professional accountability for every piece of work done by us!
  • Better Quality
    Our workforce comprises top-notch professionals and fully trained personnel, with impressive certification and proven expertise in their respective domains, along with years of experience behind them.
  • Better Data Security
    GoTelecare is an ISO 27001:2013 company and 100% HIPAA compliant. We use world-class safety and security standards, along with a total paperless approach in our methods, to maintain and uphold the privacy & confidentiality of all our clients’ data. It is nearly impossible to supervise work-from-home personnel, since they are not in a secured office. They can be on their phones and not complying with HIPAA.
  • Better Credibility
    You can hire a GoTelecare biller with full confidence. But don’t take our word for it! We have tons of excellent references from the top personnel of reputed healthcare companies, and would be happy to share them with you on request.

More than Just a Staffing Agency!

In addition to our ability to provide you with a wide range of healthcare administrative experts at amazing cost savings, we belong, at our core, to the service industry. GoTelecare is a fully-equipped organization with a highly skilled healthcare administrative staff. We also have a full range of proprietary processes, methodologies, technologies and policies to ensure that we are able to consistently provide our clients with the best quality services and solutions in healthcare business and knowledge process outsourcing.

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