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Building a bridge between patient care and advanced technology, RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) is a service offering continuous care with a combined effort of the latest advances information technology, advanced cellular technology etc. Helping in monitoring a patient’s vital signs and gathering patient health data, Remote Patient Monitoring helps in managing patient health virtually.


Excel in delivering high-quality care for more patients with a low risk of burnout, GoTelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring services excel in providing accurate record and report of a wide range of patient vitals in:

  • EKG
  • SpO2 Pulse Oximeter

How Remote Patient Monitoring works?

Improving the quality of care and providing better access to healthcare, for gotelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring physician firstly sets up an upper and lower limit for all vital metrics including blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, oxygen saturation and pulse.

 While patients been continuously monitored, any breach of these limits by the system is instantly alerted. In fact, every time a vital sign crosses a threshold value (upper or lower limit), an instant alert is triggered in the central system, and it sends out an SMS to the physician, informing him/her that the threshold value has been breached. Providing a high degree of flexibility and ease-of-use facility, the threshold values can be set up, or existing values can even be modified easily.

Furthermore, being fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, gotelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring ensures a secure data back up on a regular basis. In fact, it also assists physicians in gaining access to a full record of all abnormalities noted by the RPM system by logging into the central system. 

// Remote Patient Monitoring Device Kit

What we do

PC-303H All-in-One Health Monitor

The PC-303H All-in-One Health Monitor is a comprehensive health monitor for hospitals, clinics and daily measurements at home, allowing the user to measure, store and share Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Temperature, ECG and Blood Glucose data.


Fully compatible with the All-in-One Health Monitor and designed for accurately measuring blood glucose levels within seconds. Comes with low-pain lancets, lancing device and test strips.

Reusable Temperature Probe with Cable

Allows the patient to take his/her body temperature, without having to manually enter the data into the All-in-One Monitor. This prevents data entry errors, and keeps the clinician’s record of the patient’s temperature more accurate.

Reusable, Self-Applying Blood Pressure Cuffs

Each cuff measures the systolic, mean, and diastolic blood pressure all in a single measurement. It takes anywhere from 30 to 135 seconds to complete the blood pressure measurement.

Adult SpO2 Probe for All-in-One Health Monitor

The meter is a reusable finger clip sensor is that uses contoured silicone pads, which make contact with the patient’s finger. Optical elements pass light through transparent silicone windows into the patient’s finger, resulting in a percentage of blood oxygen.

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