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Healthcare providers offering critical care services need a smooth running medical billing services to ensure sustained, long-term operations and leveraging the maximum revenue return out of it. It is difficult enough for healthcare professionals to make sure they are paid correctly, to the extent that physicians should have their employment contracts reviewed before agreeing to them, so billing should always be as accurate as possible. However, medical billing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Any practice managers at healthcare providers will agree with this. A lot of tasks are involved in maintaining an effective medical billing process from collections to denial management, complying with HIPAA requirements, and more to complete successful revenue generation cycle. Practices that depend on the in-house staffs usually suffer from high rate of claim denials, lack of latest techniques and technology, and skilled billing and coding personnel.

Outsourcing to the leading medical billing services is always the better option and GoTelecare is the best to choose from. GoTelecare accelerates the pace of revenue generation of your healthcare business through best practices and streamlined process, reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiency considerably using intelligent automation software, such software supplied by other companies can also be applied to many other industries and processes also, after all the future is automated.

GoTelecare, the trusted medical billing company for more than a decade provides an array of HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Services. Our expert billers and coders provide end-to-end medical billing services and claim settlement solutions. We ensure the practices save their revenue list every year due to reasons like:

  • Under-pricing
  • Coding errors
  • Non-reimbursed claims
  • Missed charges
With GoTelecare, you enjoy the following advantages:
  • More than 98% of Claims Accuracy
  • Increase in Collection Rate by 97%
  • Increase of the 1st Claims Pass Rate to 90% and more
  • Active lead-generation from social media marketing
  • As low as 3% Claims Denial Rates
  • Lowest Professional Claims Pricing in the industry
  • Institutional Claims Pricing as low as 2.9%
  • Free Billing Software with zero-cost implementation
  • Free EMR
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Excellent References

Quality and accuracy is our forte, which lessens the other drawbacks of the system to a huge extent. We are the only revenue cycle management company serving both the Payors and the Providers. Well, we do more than all these. The GoTelecare solution provides you with all the skilled resources you need from our huge pool of trained experts.

More on the Medical Billing Collections & Services Solutions from GoTelecare

Do you want to outsource medical billing collections and services solutions for your practice to an experienced medical billing company or are you in the look-out for trained medical billing personnel to work for your organization? Yes, you are knocking the right door. GoTelecare is the best address to outsource your healthcare administrative tasks to serve you or your clients with great quality and at incredibly low prices. Apart from its outsource medical billing services, GoTelecare serves as a high-expertise staffing agency providing trained and expert billers, coders, patient eligibility verifiers and authorizers, accounts receivable management experts, data analysts and other healthcare administrative personnel as and when required. You can save up to 80% of the hiring cost compared to a conventional staffing agency as we provide dedicated experts at surprisingly low fee and no additional expenses like fixed monthly salary, employment taxes, health insurance premium, etc.

Our trained resources can help you in providing end-to-end, cost-effective services including:
  • Clinical Services
  • Claims Processing
  • Contact Center Services
  • Enrollment Services
  • Credentialing
  • Enterprise Business Analytics
  • Health Care Legal and Compliance
  • Billing and Collections
  • IT Development
  • Language Interpretation Services

If you think you are enterprising enough and want to curve a niche as an entrepreneur, grab the exciting healthcare franchise opportunity that we provide and become a part of our success story.


Providing a seamless billing operation

Working for more than a decade, we not only excel in providing a seamless billing operation for all the Hospital, DME, HHA, Healthcare Providers, Nursing Homes, Orthotics and Prosthetics etc but also excel in providing efficient revenue generation for all our client.

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Durable Medical Equipment Billing (DME)
Durable Medical Equipment Billing (DME)

Offering immediate support as an end to end medical billing and collections company, we have the best productivity metrics across the DME billing competitive landscape.

Hospital Accounts Receivable
Hospital Accounts Receivable

With a pool of qualified expert resources and a complete understanding of the claims management process, Gotelecare experts ensure timely turnaround to recover on and close all hospital Accounts Receivable faster.

Physicians Office Billing
Physicians Office Billing

Setting the benchmark in pre-billing activities and doing all the heavy lifting work, Gotelecare helps in maximizing reimbursement at a cost-effective price.

Urgent Care Center Billing
Urgent Care Center Billing

Providing unique ability to work as an extension of operation, Gotelecare expert’s ensuring faster billing services that urgent care services demand.

Nursing Home Billing
Nursing Home Billing

Helping you in managing proper practice management standards, Gotelecare deliver actionable support for securing reimbursements

Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing
Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing

A real-time partner that can transform your ROI with the streamlined operation, Gotelecare is the one-stop destination for all your Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing services

Rapid Automation Technology
Rapid Automation Technology

Helping you reduce your cost and time, Gotelecare experts reducing error helps in seamless Rapid Automation Technology

Medical Coding Services
Medical Coding Services

Maximizing revenue and meeting all the Coding Compliance goals, Gotelecare has the expert technology and resources in providing seamless medical coding services

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Billing
Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

Following all the billing mandates and ever-changing regulations, Go telecare focuses on increasing cash flow and reduce aging A/R.

Prior Authorization
Prior Authorization

Gotelecare ensures a seamless and faster prior authorization services with experts, proficient across all practice management systems.

Home Health Care
Home Health Care

Being a real-time partner that can transform your ROI, Gotelecare experts help in improving productivity and quality, which in turn reduces operational cost and boosts revenue generation.

Long-Term Care Billing
Long-Term Care Billing

Offering a seamless billing process, gotelecare experts ensure a faster reimbursements rate improving your long term care billing

Anesthesiology Billing Services
Anesthesiology Billing Services

Offering immediate support as an end to end Anesthesiology billing and collections services, Gotelecare ensures efficient revenue generation.

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