GoTelecare Offers a Full Service Approach in DME Billing

What is DME?

A therapeutic item which has been prescribed by the physicians to the patients who are suffering from a medical condition. All items like Oxygen supplies, Nebulisers CPAP machines can be considered as examples of durable medical equipment.

What is DME billing?

It can be considered as the process of collection all the documents of medical necessity, checking of eligibility, following up with the doctor’s office and getting the prior authorization on time, entering the order. While all of these front office responsibilities, DME billing also involves claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections and payment posting.

What is the process of DME coding?

It is a specialized segment where the medical coders will be looking for all the directory of codes that can be used under DME service. In fact, proper coding standards fast tracks the claims for quicker reimbursements. E0601 is an example of a HCPCS code for CPAP.

Over the last 15 years, GoTelecare has been setting the benchmark in DME billing. Our exposure has been extensive with the fact that we have been working across all product lines like CPAP, BIPAP, Nebulizer, Oxygen, Wheelchair, Power Mobility, Enteral Nutrition as well as Ostomy Supplies.

We do it all as a full service destination and take pride we are RCM partners for the top 3 companies in the DME space which has a total revenue of over $1.6 billion dollars per year. Our versatility has been supreme across all practice management systems like: Brightree, CPR+, Fastrack, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works and Cortex EDI.

Some of the reasons why our clients love us:
  • At just $7 per hour, we offer dedicated resources working for you full time
  • No additional costs for account manager’s/ team leaders
  • Reducing your billing costs by 75%
  • Highest productivity standards across the industry
  • Flexible & a no binding contract
  • Liability insurance of $2 million with $1-million-dollar coverage per incident for any errors of Omission & commission
  • 20% internal audits conducted regularly without any additional charges for the services
Our DME Billing Workflow
  • New Patient Order Entry
  • Eligibility
  • Prior Authorization
  • Doctors Office Follow-up
  • Confirmation
  • Claims Submission
  • Rejection Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Customer Service
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What makes DME billing so important?

If you do not have the right practice management standards in your billing efforts, it will result in pending back logs, rising DSO’s which can cripple your cash flow. Streamlining your billing with a specialized intervention makes all the difference in your receiving reimbursements on time and lowering your A/R bucket.

Can you let us know more about your credentials?

The GoTelecare team has demonstrated capabilities in receiving aging accounts as old as 90 days or more. We have great experience in delivering complete support in both pre and post billing for the some of the giants in the DMEPOS space.

What is your footprint?

GoTelecare takes pride in working across with both Medicare & Medicaid, commercial insurance across state lines. We work with DME suppliers right from the east to the west coast and have successfully transitioned some of the best clients of Brightree.

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