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GoTelecare Offers a Full Service Approach in Physician’s Office Billing Services

Physician’s Office billing requirements demand professional and knowledgeable handling for the best results. GoTelecare is a full service medical billing and accounts receivable management firm whose true goal is maximum reimbursement at a cost-effective price.

Physicians can now spend more time providing consultations to their patients than having to worry about tedious billing procedures. Connect remotely with our office and get all scheduling and accounts receivable management to be performed through the same practice management program. Electronic health records, e-prescribe, online patient eligibility verification & authorization, and automated patient notifications are all offered by us.

Outsourcing physician’s office billing is typically a good practice, especially for those who don’t want to manage an administrative team. The advantages of having all of the day-to-day billing functions handled off-site by a medical billing company with a team of well-trained, certified billers well-versed in the nuances of accounts receivable management and recovery, are obvious.

GoTelecare provides you 100% error-free billing solutions from our highly experienced billing experts and coders. Our medical coding and billing services are designed to address a wide range of issues and challenges faced by hospitals and physicians while realizing payments. Unleash the GoTelecare advantage for your healthcare business today.

  • Patient entry (demographics & insurance)
  • Eligibility / Insurance Verification
  • Authorization follow-up
  • Charge entry
  • Submission of claims (EDI / Paper)
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting
  • AR follow-up
  • Denial Management
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