GoTelecare Offers a Full Service Approach in Long Term Care Billing

Healthcare facilities providing long-term care services need a properly run medical billing process for ensuring sustainable, long-term operations, and leverage the maximum amount of revenue return out of it. The catch is, not all medical billing company cannot handle long-term care billing expertly. Ask a practice manager at any healthcare provider and he/she will agree with this.

Long-term care billing has its own issues and typicality like consolidated billing, Prospective Payment System (PPS), accounts receivables, etc.

A lot is involved in maintaining a medical billing process that should be effective to handle tasks like revenue collections to denial management, HIPAA, and other industry standards. In concise, everything that is needed to complete a successful revenue generation cycle. Practices depending on the in-house staffs often lack the latest techniques and technology, infrastructure, and skilled billing and coding personnel and thus are unable to achieve these required goals.

The biggest curse of long-term billing is the unforced error that occurs in the process, mostly due to the inexperience and lack of exposure from the internal staff and their inability to focus due to the burden of patient care. In the absence of trained coders, the practice suffers from errors like coding mistakes, unbundling, duplicate billing, balance billing, policy violations, etc. and other issues like under-pricing, missed charges, and more.

In this scenario, outsourcing to a reliable long-term medical billing service is always the better option and the best is to choose GoTelecare is the best to choose from. GoTelecare helps to speed-up the revenue generation through best practices and streamlining the process. It helps to reduce the operational expenses and considerably increase the efficiency.

With GoTelecare, you can benefit from these advantages:

♦ Claims Accuracy of more than 98%
♦ Increase in Collection rate by 97%
♦ Increase of the first Claims Pass Rate up to 90% and more
♦ Active lead-generation from social media marketing
♦ As low as 3% Claims Denial Rates
♦ Lowest Professional Claims Pricing in the industry
♦ Institutional Claims Pricing as low as 2.9%
♦ Free Billing Software with zero-cost implementation
♦ Free EMR
♦ No Hidden Charge
♦ 100’s of Excellent Referrals

The trained resources we provide you can help you in providing an end-to-end and cost-effective services that include:

♦ Clinical Services
♦ Claims Processing
♦ Contact Center Services
♦ Enrollment Services
♦ Credentialing
♦ Enterprise Business Analytics
♦ Health Care Legal
♦ Compliance
♦ Billing and Collections
♦ IT Development
♦ Language Interpretation Services

If you are looking to get a foothold in the healthcare business and serve patients with the best of services at the same time, grab our exciting healthcare franchise opportunities. You won’t regret!

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