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Trouble with Your Hospital Accounts Receivable Management: The GoTelecare Touch

Are you crippled with lack of skilled resources? Rising operational costs is becoming crazy for you to manage? You don’t have any answers to your rising backlog of Hospital accounts receivable! GoTelecare can offer you the Midas touch!

Over the last decade, we have been setting the benchmark, extending robust support to leading hospitals all around the country with excellent references. We have trained resources who have experience to use analytics and understand trends in what is rising your number of denials? One of the biggest advantage is that we are versatile with our presence across a wide spectrum of providers cutting across more than 28 specialties.

GoTelecare believes in enhancing your financial performance by extending task specific responsibilities with robust follow ups on pending accounts, eliminate the gaps which is leaking your money. Our team of Hospital accounts receivable experts can have more than 85% of your claims paid within 90 days.

Any areas of untimely submission will be addressed with

• Robust follow up on any claims for a span of 30 days
• Unparalleled standards with reporting and practices of data management

Our A/R mechanism involves priority handling of any of your high value claims

• The oldest DOS will be addressed first
• We will address your denials
• Perform status checks to reduce your aging bucket

Choose GoTelecare as Your ultimate Hospital Accounts Receivable Guide

Serving major insurance companies with our claims adjudication services, we have a unique experience across both payers and providers as a next gen revenue cycle management destination in healthcare.

GoTelecare performs all the activities with:

• Reaching out to payers regarding status of submitted claims
• Following up on denials, under payments and appeals

We can provide you strong references across the industry on how we are preferred partners for the biggest and the best across the hospital segment. We can meet or beat any price!

• Get your Hospital A/R down by 30% within the first month
• Operational costs can be reduced by 75%
• We charge only 1% of collections
• We provide dedicated account managers/ team leaders for seamless communication
• No binding contracts
• Customized reporting as pre client needs
• Free transition/ implementation support
• Support for any errors of Omission & Commission for a liability cover of $3 million with $1 million per incident

Our list of Services (Complete RCM Partner)

• New patient Entry
• Eligibility and Benefits Verification
• Prior Authorization
• Medical Coding
• Claims Submission
• Rejection Management
• Payment Posting
• Accounts Receivables Follow-up
• Denial Management
• Customer Service

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Frequent Questions

What is Hospital Accounts Receivables Management?

The process of following up with the insurance for the money owed by hospitals for the services billed. Payments from the payers as well as patients is measured under A/R.

Why will I outsource my Hospital A/R to you?

As discussed, we set the standards and do it all with follow ups, submitting your claims on time, working on your denials everything on a dedicated basis. We can reduce your operational costs unlike any!

How will I submit information to you?

We can work on your practice management remotely or you can upload information on our server. All this and process workflow will be discussed with you!

Are you a full service destination?

Yes, GoTelecare can offer both pre and post revenue cycle management activities and has experience in working with the top names across the industry.

Schedule a demonstration with our team now to know how we drive your growth. We are a call away!

What are your working hours?

We work according to our client time zones. GoTelecare offers dedicated support with flexible communication. You can reach us via mail, phone, video conference. You can just pick up the phone & get in touch with our team!

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