Health Insurance

How to Improve the First Submission Pass Rate for Health Insurance Claims

An efficient healthcare service needs an intelligent and clever claims adjudication process. It is always advisable to take a plausible path to ensure clients, that their claims will get first pass-rate on one stroke of submission. The impressive achievement of first submission pass rate recommends uncompromising approach towards maintaining the highest levels of quality and […]

Accounts Receivable Financing Health Insurance

How Startups and Small Businesses Can Benefit from Accounts Receivable Financing

In the healthcare industry, accounts receivable factoring being such a distinct niche, deserves special mention. To fuel your healthcare business, finance management tops the list to make it a profitable enterprise. The specialized section of healthcare-accounts receivable factoring services-evolved to support startups and small businesses. To look after the meticulous nuances of finances, accounts receivable […]

Claims Health Insurance

Understanding How to Work with Workers’ Compensation Claims

During a typical employment tenure with an organization, the relationship between the employer and an employee is always considered to be professionally streamlined. Workers’ compensation claims are a natural extension of such a relationship. Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that provides earnings substitute and medical benefits to employees injured during their tenure of […]