Denial Management Medical Billing

What Is Denial Management And How Can You Do It Efficiently?

Understanding denial management programs in claims processing often impedes the healthcare industry from consistent cash flow and uplifting financial echelon. There are various healthcare institutions which aren’t aware mitigating the risk factor in claims processing and safeguard from heavy financial loss. You need to follow some imperative metrics to circumvent unreasonable denials. Similarly, it is […]

Accounts Receivable Denial Management

(UPDATED) How to Reduce Your 90 Days Accounts Receivable Bucket

Maintaining a strict accounts receivable bucket is the most decisive function to maintain a steady cash flow. A well-organized and efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) process is necessary to sustain proper cash flow within an organization. Whether it is a multispecialty hospital, a clinic or a medical equipment selling business – the same rule applies. […]