Hospital Accounts Receivable
Hospital Accounts Receivable

How To Curtail Your Hospital Accounts Receivable Backlog

Managing your pending accounts receivable bucket as a hospital can be confusing. Finding a quality team who knows how to eliminate gaps in your practice management efforts is what that sets the tone. However, the immediate nature of care which is an acute demand for any hospital can make things uncertain especially with the front desk work.

Working on the process of claims submission, finding the right modifiers and charges for the claims, understanding how to file for appeals, underpayments and collections is what creates the perfect platform in the long run.

Ultimately what you need is a complete team that understands the adjudication mandates and delivers in accordance. To earn a competitive edge, you must invest and look for competitive vendors that can offer you the right support with your hospital accounts receivable collections in the best possible manner.

GoTelecare Drives Your Payments

Over the last decade, GoTelecare has been excellent in working with some of the largest hospitals of the country. Our superior standards of productivity, great ability to work as a reliable operational extension make us a champion revenue cycle management company. Also, we have reduced costs, improved collections for the best with excellent references all across the industry.

At just 1% of collections, we have transformed cash flow, reduced costs of operations by 70%. Presently, we have resources who have experience in collecting aging accounts receivable as old as three years. We have a niche presence and know how to drive your ROI as a reliable partner.

Looking to know more on how we deliver trust! Let our team give you a complete demonstration on how we serve value as a next gen medical billing and collections company. We are just a call away from you and can bring about a genuine difference. Leverage the GoTelecare advantage and experience a hassle free hospital accounts receivable collections like never before.