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How Can Your Healthcare Practice Benefit from Accounts Receivable Clean-up?

Are you giving diligent attention to your old accounts receivable? How good are you in estimating collection rates after filing of claims? Moreover, how well do you understand efficient accounts receivable management? Mostly, we tend to hear, ‘our accounts receivable collection rate is the lowest.’ To stop the intermittent flow, it is imperative to identify, […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

How to Scrutinize Your Financial Health with Accounts Receivable Analysis

How do you measure the financial health of your healthcare business? Do you have too much of old accounts receivable that need immediate attention? A quick and probing analysis of your unpaid invoices can help. However, it must be ensured that such an audit is carried out by a competent authority. Outsourced A/R analysis, among […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

How to handle 90-Day Old Accounts Receivable in Inpatient Hospitalization

It is true that the healthcare industry is becoming competitive with passing time. New innovations in infrastructure, as well as technology advancements, and technological developments, are influencing providers in their day to day operational practices. For example, a 22 million record HCP database can solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner […]

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Understanding the Importance of Follow-Ups in Accounts Receivable Management

Healthcare, being an evolving business with disruptive technologies & constant innovation, requires intuitive handling that is focused on quality. Holistic understanding of the key facets of accounts receivable is the need of the hour for providers. Precisely for this reason, outsourcing to a vendor of experience pioneers transparency in medical practices. It is true that […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

Understanding the Differences between Accounts Receivable Factoring and Traditional Bank Loans

At some point in your business venture, you may consider the idea of accounts receivable funding by a conventional bank. Even though both accounts receivable factoring and financing can be used to access finances swiftly for working capital, they do not hold the same meaning. Banks do not usually offer true accounts receivable factoring since […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

Understanding the Impact of Accounts Receivable on Your Balance Sheet

To understand the impact of accounts receivables, it is imperative to study the metrics of it. To diminish your past accounts receivables, you need a strong supervision of a factoring company—who will rescue buying the older and the oldest accounts receivables—which will demonstrate the actual earnings in your balance sheet. To give an impetus to […]

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How Startups and Small Businesses Can Benefit from Accounts Receivable Financing

In the healthcare industry, accounts receivable factoring being such a distinct niche, deserves special mention. To fuel your healthcare business, finance management tops the list to make it a profitable enterprise. The specialized section of healthcare-accounts receivable factoring services-evolved to support startups and small businesses. To look after the meticulous nuances of finances, accounts receivable […]