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How to Scrutinize Your Financial Health with Accounts Receivable Analysis

Accounts Receivable CollectionHow do you measure the financial health of your healthcare business? Do you have too much of old accounts receivable that need immediate attention? A quick and probing analysis of your unpaid invoices can help. However, it must be ensured that such an audit is carried out by a competent authority.

Outsourced A/R analysis, among its other benefits, can help establish perfection in an existing process. And it works across with applied analytics to prioritize planning and tightening up the process. Let’s take a whirlwind tour, how these healthcare service providing companies are excelling in maintaining a cost-effective approach through a consistent qualitative and quantitative analytical approach:

Qualitative approach: In the competitive market today, making a mark is very complex. Measuring quality is another intricate job. To render qualitative service, training, knowledge, and understanding are the key metrics; an accounts receivable analysis outsourcing team should make the grade. Hereby, the in-house team lacks in expertise—practice and time management skills—to produce clean claims for reimbursement.

For instance, the outsourcing team analyzes your entire pending accounts and is able to show you the exact denomination of cash to be recovered. They are able to spot areas for improvement in the current AR management process, and make suggestions that can be very helpful in improving its overall quality and efficiency.

Quantitative approach: The most widespread crisis that persists in the US healthcare industry is in the form of billions of dollars that it is losing every year, and in its failure to measure up to the growing demands of the sector. To resolve this, an accounts receivable analysis team conducts a real-time scrutiny, to bring forth the exact amount of dollars that are lost every year by a practice, and more significantly, the exact part of it that can still be recovered.

Rapid Automation Technology is the Key

In the realm of medical billing and collections, Rapid Automation Technology is the hottest buzzword. It is unfortunate that only a handful of medical billing companies are equipped with this technology, but the rate of acceptance is expected to pick up fast in the coming days. Rapid Automation effectively eliminates the need for many of the manual processes in the course of working with accounts receivable, thereby reducing time and increasing efficiency manifold. It also increases accuracy to a great extent and can truly make a difference in the way denials are managed and pending reimbursements are secured in the end.