Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing Nursing Home Billing

How to Avoid a Critical Hospital Accounts Receivable Fallout

Do you experience oft-repeated cash crunch in your healthcare business? Are you able to check the denials and find out the fallouts? Maybe the rising operational costs are taking a toll on the hospital accounts receivable. To shorten the revenue cycle and improve incessant cash flow, extensive probing is desirable. Are your claims have been […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

How Can Your Healthcare Practice Benefit from Accounts Receivable Clean-up?

Are you giving diligent attention to your old accounts receivable? How good are you in estimating collection rates after filing of claims? Moreover, how well do you understand efficient accounts receivable management? Mostly, we tend to hear, ‘our accounts receivable collection rate is the lowest.’ To stop the intermittent flow, it is imperative to identify, […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing Nursing Home Billing

How to Interpret an Accounts Receivable Analysis Report Correctly

How integrated is the interpretation of aging accounts receivable? Probably, an intensive probing is required. The US healthcare industry is facing oft-repeated irregularities in financial management and a detailed analytical report gives a resolution and prevention methodologies can be adopted. It has been seen that the healthcare accounts receivable is a hectic task. In the […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

How to Scrutinize Your Financial Health with Accounts Receivable Analysis

How do you measure the financial health of your healthcare business? Do you have too much of old accounts receivable that need immediate attention? A quick and probing analysis of your unpaid invoices can help. However, it must be ensured that such an audit is carried out by a competent authority. Outsourced A/R analysis, among […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

How to handle 90-Day Old Accounts Receivable in Inpatient Hospitalization

It is true that the healthcare industry is becoming competitive with passing time. New innovations in infrastructure, as well as technology advancements, and technological developments, are influencing providers in their day to day operational practices. For example, a 22 million record HCP database can solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching healthcare practitioner […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing

Emerging Trends in Denial Management for Inpatient Hospitalization

Management of accounts, especially with inpatient hospitalization, can be increasingly challenging for the providers. It is important to note in this aspect that insurance companies have a specific set of guidelines with their claims adjudication process. ♦ Hence, it is important for the practices to have a disciplined understanding of the regulations so that they […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing

How to Deal with Aging Accounts Receivable in Inpatient Hospitalization

Real-time management of billing for hospitals can become increasingly difficult for the in-house employees. While every medical provider today has to follow a patient-centric model, it is pertinent for them to have a streamlined model for medical billing & accounts receivable. The mindset of a provider should be to establish credibility in their claims submission […]

Accounts Receivable

How to Overcome Common Obstacles in Accounts Receivable Collection

During an assessment of a physician’s practices of medical billing, one of the perennial questions that come across is “Why are our collections in accounts receivables inconclusive?” Evaluation & effective measurement clearly shows that most providers’ staff responsible for revenue cycle management lacks the knowledge of the requisite benchmarks that can provide them a transparent […]

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