HIPAA Compliance Remote Patient Monitoring

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Help Save You Thousands in Healthcare Costs

Remote patient monitoring system facilitates capable healthcare delivery to the patients outside the conventional hospital or clinical setting. It works by transmitting the real-time patient data for remote clinical review. The study reveals that, the global RPM system draws an enormous focus due to strong governmental measures for lessening healthcare expenditures and similarly, reducing the […]

HIPAA Compliance Hospital Billing Medical Billing

What You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance for Medical Billing

Technology advancements in the healthcare industry have impacted the world of providers. It is true that the changes in AMA terminologies, as well as the advent of innovations in medical science, have completely changed the dynamics of the practices. While it is evident that a paperless environment reduces day to day hassles in operations, yet […]

HIPAA Compliance Prior Authorizations

The Importance of Prior Authorization in Increasing Claim Reimbursement

Healthcare industry is demystifying with time as new regulations are constantly looking to make inroads with newer innovations in medical science. It is important to note in this aspect that there are several loopholes in the practice management process of the providers that makes it a challenge to realize reimbursements in the right order. ♦ […]