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GoTelecare : A Reliable Partner for Managing your Hospital Billing

As a powerful revenue cycle management company, GoTelecare has been instrumental in providing cutting edge support in medical billing to leading providers across the country. We are a one stop destination and will be providing you end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management support. Also, our proven expertise in hospital billing, understanding of modern […]

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How to Avoid a Critical Hospital Accounts Receivable Fallout

Do you experience oft-repeated cash crunch in your healthcare business? Are you able to check the denials and find out the fallouts? Maybe the rising operational costs are taking a toll on the hospital accounts receivable. To shorten the revenue cycle and improve incessant cash flow, extensive probing is desirable. Are your claims have been […]

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How to Interpret an Accounts Receivable Analysis Report Correctly

How integrated is the interpretation of aging accounts receivable? Probably, an intensive probing is required. The US healthcare industry is facing oft-repeated irregularities in financial management and a detailed analytical report gives a resolution and prevention methodologies can be adopted. It has been seen that the healthcare accounts receivable is a hectic task. In the […]

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What You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance for Medical Billing

Technology advancements in the healthcare industry have impacted the world of providers. It is true that the changes in AMA terminologies, as well as the advent of innovations in medical science, have completely changed the dynamics of the practices. While it is evident that a paperless environment reduces day to day hassles in operations, yet […]

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Common Challenges in Collecting Hospital Accounts Receivable

The changing dynamics in the healthcare industry with new customization & technology brilliance is well evident. It is also significant to note that there have been significant advancements in medical science that ask for needed alterations in the medical coding as well as billing process. Hospital accounts receivable is truly one of the complex services […]

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Emerging Trends in Denial Management for Inpatient Hospitalization

Management of accounts, especially with inpatient hospitalization, can be increasingly challenging for the providers. It is important to note in this aspect that insurance companies have a specific set of guidelines with their claims adjudication process. ♦ Hence, it is important for the practices to have a disciplined understanding of the regulations so that they […]

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How to Deal with Aging Accounts Receivable in Inpatient Hospitalization

Real-time management of billing for hospitals can become increasingly difficult for the in-house employees. While every medical provider today has to follow a patient-centric model, it is pertinent for them to have a streamlined model for medical billing & accounts receivable. The mindset of a provider should be to establish credibility in their claims submission […]

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3 Checks You Must Do Before Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

What are the ‘survival strategies’ for your healthcare business? What are your methods for curbing revenue loss? And lastly, have you ever thought of outsourcing administrative hassles of your healthcare business? Perhaps, you have never evaluated your business in this light. Outsourcing medical billing services is the only seamless way to witness the growth in […]

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The Importance of HIPAA Compliance in Medical Billing

Security breaches—in the sensitive industry of healthcare—are always bad news. When patients’ data privacy and confidentiality go berserk, ripples can be felt across the entire trillion-dollar healthcare industry. Clients will lose confidence and profitability can take a serious hit. Security issues plague medical billing on a regular basis. There are countless stories making the rounds […]

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