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How to Interpret an Accounts Receivable Analysis Report Correctly

90-Day Old Accounts Receivable in Inpatient HospitalizationHow integrated is the interpretation of aging accounts receivable? Probably, an intensive probing is required. The US healthcare industry is facing oft-repeated irregularities in financial management and a detailed analytical report gives a resolution and prevention methodologies can be adopted. It has been seen that the healthcare accounts receivable is a hectic task.

In the prevailing old-school methodology, healthcare organizations lacked a periodic report that has an analytical coverage of aging accounts receivable. To create an increasing awareness and unfailing sense of security, a rational adoption of Rapid Automation technology will suffice the need of outstanding accounts receivable.

Treating aging Accounts Receivable with assistance of Rapid Automation

A real-time demonstration of collection rate can be showcased correctly, if a leading healthcare service provider companies are allowed to collaborate for a deep-rooted investigation for denials and rejections. Even a short hiatus in filing proper claims at a proper time can wreak havoc on your finances.

If you are ready to follow the mandates of the outsourcing companies, Rapid Automation is the technological cult, to create a distinct presence in the competitive healthcare care segment.

Rapid Automation brings parity and establishes uniformity in increasing collection rate up to 97%:

♦ Rapid Automation technology from RCM vendors would showcase their cutting-edge practices before client acquisition. Outcome will be a correct analytical accounts receivable report in just 48 hours.

♦ The key aspect of Rapid Automation furnishes a holistic purpose with right checks & balances in practice management to proper denial management methods that ensure transparency.

♦ The leading healthcare service providing companies are ahead in Rapid Automation. A non-intrusive application with no need for integration, detects erroneous facts and delivers productivity by replacing human effort.

♦ Rapid Automation generates extensive audit trails with their programmed features which help to boost optimum cash flow in the healthcare establishment.

To cope up with distinct approach & features of insurance companies, these expert solutions implements and delivers in accordance to their claims adjudication process.