Accounts Receivable
Hospital Accounts Receivable

What Assures Payments on Your Pending Hospital Accounts Receivable?

One of the predictable challenges with hospital accounts receivable is denial of insurance claims. Ensuring a streamlined process for denial management remains one of the major ways to resolve the challenges with bad debts or unnecessary write offs which cripples your profits.

As a competent hospital, you must look for experienced resources who know how to drive your submission process with a clear understanding of the adjudication mandates across the federal and commercial payers.

You must have the right measures in place that can transform your cash flow in the best possible manner. Reducing your practice management worries eventually depends on how well planned you are to drive payments from your aging hospital accounts receivable bucket.

Finding a reliable answer for all your practice management woes remains a critical area that needs effective intervention from a team that knows in and out of what is required in long term care billing and denial management process.

GoTelecare has all the answers for your payments

Over the last decade, we have been exceptional in working with top class hospital healthcare systems across the country and take pride in our strong references. Our team delivers all the required support with claims submission, working on denied claims, filing appeals and underpayments.

Moreover, our seamless standards of communication, dedicated staffs that knows how to work with aging hospital accounts receivable even as old as 3 years. Our ability to drive reimbursements has been appreciated by the biggest and the best in the industry. No write offs or adjustments will be done without the consent of the client.

If you are looking for a perfect partner that can transform your payments, leverage the GoTelecare advantage right now. At present, we are offering complete support in hospital accounts receivable at 1% of collections. Know what difference we bring to the table as a next gen RCM company.