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Setting The Standards in Nursing Home Accounts Receivable: The GoTelecare Edge!

Nursing home accounts receivable can be tedious as it remains unavailable for long periods of time despite being the largest asset shown on the balance sheet. In such circumstances, nursing homes should look for a streamlined accounts receivable process that’s designed to increase the revenue collection by a considerable amount. ♦ Expert in collecting  Accounts […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing Nursing Home Billing

How to Avoid a Critical Hospital Accounts Receivable Fallout

Do you experience oft-repeated cash crunch in your healthcare business? Are you able to check the denials and find out the fallouts? Maybe the rising operational costs are taking a toll on the hospital accounts receivable. To shorten the revenue cycle and improve incessant cash flow, extensive probing is desirable. Are your claims have been […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing Nursing Home Billing

How to Interpret an Accounts Receivable Analysis Report Correctly

How integrated is the interpretation of aging accounts receivable? Probably, an intensive probing is required. The US healthcare industry is facing oft-repeated irregularities in financial management and a detailed analytical report gives a resolution and prevention methodologies can be adopted. It has been seen that the healthcare accounts receivable is a hectic task. In the […]

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5 Advantages of Using Healthcare Billing Outsourcing Services

Healthcare billing is termed as the most taxing and cumbersome of the entire billing process. It has multiple diagnostic codes and processes that needs firm expertise. To deal with inaccuracies and intermittent cash flow, healthcare billing outsourcing services give an instant impetus and defines billing needs with more sophisticated and streamlined operations. Outsourcing companies in […]

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