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GoTelecare : Your Partner for Stand out Telemedicine Services

Already, the federal government is quite clear and accepts that telemedicine advancements are increasingly important to render proactive care and reduce pain in general patient care by reaching out with valid platforms that synchronize patient information and help a doctor to provide prompt and effective consultations without being in physician proximity. A streamlined vision for […]

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The Success Story of a Powerful Telemedicine Company

The developments in the world of telemedicine company are quite intriguing. Every year, the industry is going through evolution under the impact of disruptive technologies. Constant innovation and robust processes are the road-maps ahead. Mobility platforms have completely changed the world of communication. A company providing services in telemedicine will have to consistently improve their […]

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Why the Benefits of Telemedicine Go Beyond Saving Money

Once a technological novelty, telemedicine is now a common practise in healthcare institutions throughout the world. As a convenient way of exchanging medical information and consulting from one site to even the most remote ones, telemedicine is hugely beneficial to healthcare and medical management in general. A Convenient and Cost-Effective Alternative Starting off as a […]

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Medicaid Home Health Appointments Using Telemedicine Get Official Approval by CMS

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated close and personal visits before home health services for Medicaid patients, a guideline that as of now exists for Medicare patients. The standard likewise involves permitting those face to face visits to be directed through telemedicine. The announcement by CMS is about the face-to-face experience […]