Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing

How to Deal with Aging Accounts Receivable in Inpatient Hospitalization

Real-time management of billing for hospitals can become increasingly difficult for the in-house employees. While every medical provider today has to follow a patient-centric model, it is pertinent for them to have a streamlined model for medical billing & accounts receivable. The mindset of a provider should be to establish credibility in their claims submission […]

Accounts Receivable

How to Overcome Common Obstacles in Accounts Receivable Collection

During an assessment of a physician’s practices of medical billing, one of the perennial questions that come across is “Why are our collections in accounts receivables inconclusive?” Evaluation & effective measurement clearly shows that most providers’ staff responsible for revenue cycle management lacks the knowledge of the requisite benchmarks that can provide them a transparent […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing Medical Coding

Understanding the Importance of Follow-Ups in Accounts Receivable Management

Healthcare, being an evolving business with disruptive technologies & constant innovation, requires intuitive handling that is focused on quality. Holistic understanding of the key facets of accounts receivable is the need of the hour for providers. Precisely for this reason, outsourcing to a vendor of experience pioneers transparency in medical practices. It is true that […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

Understanding the Differences between Accounts Receivable Factoring and Traditional Bank Loans

At some point in your business venture, you may consider the idea of accounts receivable funding by a conventional bank. Even though both accounts receivable factoring and financing can be used to access finances swiftly for working capital, they do not hold the same meaning. Banks do not usually offer true accounts receivable factoring since […]

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Financing

Understanding the Impact of Accounts Receivable on Your Balance Sheet

To understand the impact of accounts receivables, it is imperative to study the metrics of it. To diminish your past accounts receivables, you need a strong supervision of a factoring company—who will rescue buying the older and the oldest accounts receivables—which will demonstrate the actual earnings in your balance sheet. To give an impetus to […]

Accounts Receivable Hospital Billing

The A-B-C’s of Healthcare Accounts Receivable Buying Services

Definition of Account Receivables: Accounts receivable earnings is the money you receive from others. It could be from the insurance provider or directly from the customer via a card terminal. This could be offered by Payline Medical (if you’re in the United States). Account Receivables concludes aggregate to be receivable or gathering from business components […]

Accounts Receivable Denial Management

(UPDATED) How to Reduce Your 90 Days Accounts Receivable Bucket

Maintaining a strict accounts receivable bucket is the most decisive function to maintain a steady cash flow. A well-organized and efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) process is necessary to sustain proper cash flow within an organization. Whether it is a multispecialty hospital, a clinic or a medical equipment selling business – the same rule applies. […]

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