Radiology Billing Services

GoTelecare is Your Companion for State of The Art Radiology Billing

Gotelecare understands your radiology billing needs better than any other revenue cycle Management Company. We will be providing you complete support in eligibility verification/ prior authorization at just $5 per auth that will be elevating your practice management efforts. Also, our end to end revenue cycle management support with streamlined denial management, claims submission and […]

Medical Billing Medical Billing Company

GoTelecare : Your Partner for Proactive Medical Billing Services

Finding a trusted partner that vows to meet it with success should be a next gen medical billing company that challenges to eliminate your revenue cycle woes. Freeing the in-house resources from tedious administrative hassles in practice management will always be the priority for a medical practice. To determine a better financial return, finding a […]

Urgent Care Billing

Free Telemedicine Platform for Urgent Care Practices with 100% RCM Assistance

As a 100% HIPAA compliant revenue cycle Management Company, Gotelecare has been clinical in its delivery of cutting edge medical billing and free telemedicine solutions. We believe in working as your seamless operational extension and will be adding value by our superior account management and seamless communication standards. Our customized reporting will be done as […]

DME Billing

How To Drive DME Billing with Powerful Solutions

To manage DME billing, it is critical to understand its therapeutic use. Any member that requires benefits with equipment to certain conditions medically requiring repeated use is a DME. It has a definitive medical purpose. Any ambulatory equipment, cane, crutch, CPAP and BIPAP machines, oxygen devices, monitoring devices and orthotics will fall under its ambit. […]