Urgent Care Billing

A Powerful Partner Elevates Your Urgent Care Billing

GoTelecare has been a competent revenue cycle management company. Over the years, we have been successful in providing our disciplined assistance to a wide range of specialties across the country.

Our expertise comes from the fact that we are claims adjudication partners of some of the leading payers of the country. In fact, we can safely say that we are the only RCM Company that works with both payers and providers with admirable distinction.

The One Stop Urgent Care Billing Guide

We provide our extensive experience in working with leading urgent care providers of the country. Our team combines well with state of the art resources and all the major billing platforms that are available in the marketplace.

At present, we are working with over 100 clients and providing them our functional best practices in urgent care billing. We can provide you with excellent references from industry peers on how our proven expertise has been instrumental in eliminating proven pain points in revenue cycle management.

No write offs or Adjustments

Our unique value proposition is that we do not do any kind of adjustments or write offs without prior consent of our clients. You will be receiving regular reports customized as per your needs and we will be sending you daily write off requests.

Only after you approve them, we will be making the adjustments or write offs. Moreover, our dedicated account managers will be providing you complete information that you need as per your needs.

Billing cost reduction of 70%

Our team will guarantee you a billing cost reduction of 70%. We will provide you extensive accounts receivable recovery support and will eliminate the pain points in aging account management. We will ensure that you receive consistent reimbursements.

A collections increase of over 97% will be something that GoTelecare will be ensuring for you with 100% HIPAA compliance. Get in touch with our experts to know how we are your next gen urgent care billing partner that will transform your financial credibility in the long run.