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The Prior Authorization Story in Radiology

Excellent practice management standards have to be the order of the day if you are looking to compete today. Direct primary care and a more personalized approach to patient care will be vital especially with the opening up of the insurance marketplace. Laying down the right checks and balances with lower costs in prior authorization will be important even for a radiology practice.

A consolidated approach with prior authorization in radiology can only be achieved with excellent use of a paperless process. Electronic prior authorization that seamlessly integrates with the EMR and provides a proactive delivery of auth requests must be complimented with human resources that understand modern practice management needs.

Right from gathering of information, contacting the payer and updating of auth details in the billing system, all of it requires specialized skills set and understanding of radiology billing process. Gotelecare as a disciplined revenue cycle management company provides exclusive practice management assistance.

We will better your denial management efforts in the long run with our excellent understanding of radiology prior authorization process. As a 100% HIPAA compliant company, we will be making all the efforts at our end to better the practice management efforts in radiology. We will provide our functional best practices and combine state of the art processes with expert resources. Our electronic prior authorization platform is simple, reduces TAT in authorization approval and improves your practice management priorities in best proportions.

Get in touch with Gotelecare and leverage from superior prior authorization for radiology. We are a proven revenue cycle management company that believes in adding value with our competitive services. At present, we are offering our prior authorization services for as low as $5 per auth. We also provide our exclusive support in medical billing and an end to end assistance with accounts receivable recovery, denial management as well.