Medical Billing

Medical Billing Services – Why GoTelecare?

If you are looking for an experienced and highly knowledgeable company to outsource your medical billing functions, your search ends with GoTelecare. As a practice manager, you know the exact reasons why you need to hire a medical billing service instead of relying on the in-house executives. With electronic health record systems rapidly taking over the paper-based billing formalities, operational costs have sky-rocketed. In addition, the in-house staff needs the training to adapt to the new techniques and the constant regulatory changes that are going on affecting the process. Obviously, with expenses going up, revenue returns lessen unless there is a huge surge in patient visits. However, federal decisions such as the withdrawal of ACA subsidies, Final Rule, etc. have made things tougher in this aspect. So considering these factors, GoTelecare provides you the perfect solution. Let see, where does GoTelecare score for you over other medical billing services.

♦ References: A medical billing service with excellent referrals from physician is a business booster for you. GoTelecare does this for you, providing 100s of referrals in different streams of healthcare practices across the country.

♦ Accuracy and Efficiency: GoTelecare, armed with experienced billers and coders help the process by obtaining and conveying accurate information and data. This is one the key reasons in combating against rejections and propels better claim settlement. Our dedicated experts, well versed in ICD-10 coding, and having immense knowledge of regulatory compliances, give your process the efficiency that is lacking.

♦ Flexibility: A quality that you will seek in your selected medical billing company is flexibility of providing an array of services in standalone basis, which can save you from unnecessary spending. GoTelecare gives you this facility precisely through its a la carte menu of services. We also have the capacity of working on all platforms, manual, electronic, on-site, or even remotely.

♦ Pricing: Well this is the most important and here you win the most with GoTelecare. We offer you the lowest of fees for our services, which is unmatched in the industry.

With GoTelecare, you ride an experience of a seamless medical billing process, enjoying the extra edge of cutting-edge services like end to end revenue cycle management, practice management, prior authorizations etc. We are always on our mission of achieving service excellence and utmost customer assistance. Our commitment to our clients has made us cover our clients from any error and omission from our end through Hiscox Insurance. This is just one of the salient points of the advantages you have with GoTelecare. Get in touch to know more.