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Fundamentals of Prior Authorization for Radiology Procedures You Should Know

Prior Authorization for Radiology ProceduresIn the US healthcare landscape, prior authorization services are the most imperative ones to initiate the treatment. And with a considerable boom in imaging services for better healthcare support, prior authorization is the part to be attended to diligently for the best results.

In this scenario, radiologists are in the plight to deal with the chaotic challenges they meet everyday due to incorrect prior authorization documentation. To meet this challenge, outsourcing prior authorization services to a competent medical billing company will help to mediate between provider and payer, and reinstate and streamline the process. Due to improper services, many claims are rejected or denied and providers are often at an utter loss.

It is unlikely to expect that an ordering physician office (OPO) will stay abreast with the ever-changing prior-authorization requirements for radiology services and the nuances of each health plan’s processes since such they simply find no time for such an exercise. Hence, to deal with the situation, medical billing companies are sought after for providing critical support in prior authorization to ensure full compliance and accuracy.

To meet tedious challenges, outsourcing experts have upped their sleeves to provide state-of-the-art prior authorization services:

♦To manage inconsistencies, prior authorization checks are mandatory for radiologists to execute seamless imaging services.

♦It is always advisable to authorize treatment not delivered than to be denied payment for no authorization. When a procedure has been authorized but is not completed, no penalty is incurred.

♦ Dedicated prior authorization personnel submit planned, succinct, and well-articulated application with supporting clinical information. It had been observed, these three components drastically reduced the possibility of denying prior authorization appeals.

♦ To reduce the struggle of cost-benefit of prior-authorization performance, radiologists should ask for apt intervention to implement cost-effective remedial measures

Finally, requirements for prior-authorization are dynamic and imaging providers are now relying heavily upon their outsourcing partners to receive transparent and updated prior authorization services. One can safely predict that the demand for such professional, third-party services will only rise in the coming days.