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Ways to Overcome Common Challenges in Radiology Precertification

Orthotics & Prosthetics Billing ServicesHow meticulous are you while choosing a third-party partner for fixing your precertification glitches? Maybe, relying on in-house personnel can take a toll on your imaging business. Studies have shown that there are pre-calculated risks, if radiology precertification is not scrutinized accurately. A dedicated precertification specialist is your best bet to connect the dots between a payer and provider.

Execution of an ingenious, evidence-based precertification program optimizes patient outcomes by ensuring that patients receive the most relevant imaging services and radiologists get reimbursed on time. Climbing overhead hurts profits and there is a constant pressure to diminish operational cost. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why radiologists are hiring experts to take care of their precertification requirements.

It is a proven fact that radiologists can save their business if they approach a right company who takes care of their precertification process through a simple, three-tiered step. To overcome the challenges of precertification, its 3 constituent components need to be attended to with great care. These are the auth request, the follow-up, and the final approval. And, if you are under the supervision of a leading outsourcing company, your reimbursements are better assured.

Let’s take a quick tour of some effective methods that can bring a shift in radiology business

♦ Primarily, radiology precertification needs extensive scrutiny and diligent attention. A prompt, persistent and thorough approach works best.

♦ Precertification in radiology is a critical constituent of the entire claim approval process. If it has been outsourced to a competent medical billing company, your entire healthcare business will take a new shape, financially.

♦ Outsourced precertification personnel submit planned, succinct, and well-articulated application with supporting clinical information regarding imaging services.

♦ Follow-up is the best solution to prevent delays and any degree of familiarity with payer-side operations gives an extra edge.

♦ Similarly, in radiology precertification, technology-enabled processes allow radiologists to efficiently communicate required information, render decisions, and discuss any alternative solutions.

♦ To treat fairly and consistently, precertification outsourcing imparts complete transparency and a sense of being in better control of the process for all involved parties.