Radiology Coding Services

5 Expert Tips for Efficient Radiology Coding Service

Radiology Coding ServiceRadiology coding service is termed as the most taxing job in the entire coding gamut. It involves several diagnostic codes and procedures to be addressed. But with increasing complexity, radiology coding needs more sophisticated and streamlined operations.

Radiology coding personnel should master the curriculum to closely monitor accounts receivable, dedicated claims follow-up, and a formal regulatory compliance plan. To attain high quality in radiology coding, outsourcing the burden to a specialized team will suffice the need of most radiologists.

Radiology is an important service area which needs to be in the limelight. To be in the frontline, understanding of critical pieces of documentation is needed and radiologists can improve their financial standing by updating their coding operations in line with ongoing changes.

Outsourcing experts know how to meet the demand of American College of Radiology (ACR) instructions. Hereby, radiology coders evaluate documents from the physicians to ensure that the record meets medical necessity. For example, a knee exam may be reported using one of four CPT codes. To report 73564 Radiologic examinations, knee; 4 or more views, documentation has to substantiate four or more views.

Let’s look at five tips to make radiology coding more efficient:

♦ Efficient outsourcing of revenue cycle management leads to better radiology coding. This simple truth has been proven time and again, and can hardly be disputed.

♦ Here, the billers and coders will strengthen radiology practice with a smooth flow of revenue. It includes review of documentation, proper selection & use of codes, and submission of clean & accurate claims which can certainly speed up and maximize reimbursement and compliance.

♦ A radiology coder must be certified and possess updated coding knowledge. While outsourcing, checking of credentials and certifications, therefore, are highly recommended.

♦ Accurate radiology coding makes way to clean radiology claims, which generate faster payments and higher reimbursements, along with fewer denials, appeals and re-submissions.

♦ To avoid errors, coders need to be very self-assured to project the accuracy of the reports they receive, prior to coding.