Prior Authorizations

Win Your Battle in Prior Authorization for Dermatology

As a practice, your objective is clear and simple! You want to make sure that you are able to stand up in the competitive landscape with a healthy financial approach. Care management needs and preferences have improved over the years and you need to ensure it. Patients are looking for quality providers that will help them get the best treatment with state of the art healthcare solutions!

A dermatologist will need to get correct authorizations for the prescriptions with a complete knowledge of insurer requirements. You will not want your patients getting grilled by the authorization process. However, we all know for a matter of fact, every year, you are spending countless hours and an enormous amount of money on the prior authorization process to little results!

Cutting Down on Costs!

With prior authorization costing physicians alarmingly (more than $69 billion annually), you will have to ensure best practices with right checks and balances. Interactions with insurance companies are also going to be critical for you! Nearly, $83000 is spent on insurance plans. You must cut down on your present menace, isn’t it?

I Got My Pre-Authorization Guide!

Who should be my consulting partner?” It is okay for you to buy the strategy and look for a vendor that understands the pain areas in benefits check. But, how do you know it? Especially, with specialty practices like dermatology, the one idea will be the credentials or references of eminent practices. It will give a picture about your possible vendor’s skill-set and ability to nurture eligibility verification with care. HIPAA compliance is the key!

End to end revenue cycle management is only possible if your denial management gets better. As a practice, your authorization process will set the benchmark helping you save millions in the long run! A good partner will improve your medical claims with their dedicated understanding and robust processes. Reducing TAT in approvals and freeing your in-house, get your practice management expert!