DME Billing

Rule The Stage by Partnering with GoTelecare in DME billing

If you are looking for a dynamic healthcare services company, expert in handling your DME billing priorities, get in touch with GoTelecare. We are one of the only RCM companies that work with both payers and providers with an admirable presence. Our best practices, state of the art processes, experienced pool of DME billers with streamline your practice management/ revenue cycle management needs.

A fast forward eligibility verification process with proactive prior authorization, we have everything in place. In fact, we have invested out time and energy in developing the proprietary platform “prior auth online” and our vision to automate your prior authorization demands.

We take care of everything right from “gathering of information”, “contacting the payer” and predetermination. Also, we will also update the outcomes in your PM/billing system. Our superior understanding of claims adjudication mandates of the payer makes us a champion DME billing company!

GoTelecare Drives your DME Billing as a Reliable Operational Extension

We are a 100% HIPAA compliant company with transparent processes, expert resources that are ready to work for you for just $7 per hour and that too for a full time engagement. We have the references, the credibility to work as your 24/7 operational extension. Let our clients speak for us and get to know how we have been transforming their DME billing forever!

We guarantee a reduction of your immediate medical billing costs by 70% and guarantee you a collection rate of 97%. Let our experts explain how GoTelecare accelerates your DME billing to better reimbursements. One thing is for certain, once you experience our skill set and excellent account management standards, there will be no looking back!

Reduce your practice management flaws by working with GoTelecare to ensure the right checks and balances. We will extend our expertise to better your business future and a promising relationship at both ends!