Remote Patient Monitoring

Is PC-303H the Best All-in-One Health Monitor Out There?

Remote Patient MonitoringIn an effort to diminish human labor and time, technology is walking the extra mile to contribute diverse healthcare devices to streamline healthcare data management and real-time access to it. A major trend to be noticed in this regard is the rapid proliferation of remote patient monitoring services in recent times. Healthcare devices associated with this invaluable service are gaining momentum in terms of sales and widespread acceptance.

Of the myriad devices available today, PC-303H all-in-one health monitor deserves a special mention. It is easily one of the most popular multipurpose monitors in the market today. It is an excellent accessory for remote patient monitoring due to its portability, ease-of-use and multi-feature capabilities. With the help of a smart-phone or a tablet, the user can measure, store, and share blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate, temperature, blood glucose and ECG data. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that can be used to check the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart. Sensors attached to the skin are used to detect the electrical signals produced by your heart each time it beats. These signals are recorded by a machine and can be looked at by a doctor to see if they are unusual. An ECG can be requested by a heart specialist (cardiologist) or a doctor who thinks you might have a problem with your heart. You can learn more about ECG data here: Ultimately, an ECG is often used alongside other tests to diagnose and monitor conditions affecting the heart. This device is widely used in hospitals, physician offices, clinical settings, assisted living facilities and patient homes. These locations often have residents who are cannot always get to a doctor’s surgery so it makes appointments a lot easier. It definitely shows how much easier things can be for people who are interested in assisted living (click here for more information on assisted living). It also shows that there is now that extra bit of care is taken, which hopefully means that nothing will be missed.

Sophisticated monitoring sensors in the PC-303H all-in-one health monitor can collect a wide range of health data from the point of care, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms. This data, when it crosses customizable threshold values, is instantly sent out to health professionals in facilities such as monitoring centers in primary care settings, hospitals and intensive care units, skilled nursing facilities, and centralized off-site case management programs.

Healthcare professionals monitor these patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan. Remote patient monitoring programs help to keep people healthy, allowing elderly and disabled folks to live at home longer without visiting Emergency Rooms or seeking hospital re-admissions at the very first sign of abnormality in their vital signs. This, naturally, leads to substantial cost savings for the patient.

Features of PC-303H
Measures blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and temperature
Optional ECG and blood glucose
Display, manage and share data with applications
Bluetooth 2.0,
4.0 and USB interface

In the final analysis, the PC-303H can be easily considered one of the finest out there. It offers the perfect balance between cost and quality, and thanks to its robust build and the excellent range of inbuilt features, it is also one of the highly sought after devices in the Remote Patient Monitoring area.