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How to Become a CCS-Certified Medical Coding Specialist

CCS-Certified Medical CoderWhat is medical coding and why is it necessary? It is system where in a numeric format all the medical records are being tracked. A medical coder is required to give items in the numeric values on the records of the patients. This technique helps the doctors and the hospitals to sort the information and send it to the government agencies and the insurance companies.

For any healthcare organization coding accuracy is extremely significant. It has a direct impact on revenue. Certification has become an unspoken industry standard off late. Consequently, the CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) certificate exhibit the fact that the coder has the quality and skills and is proficient in medical billing. Professionals who are expert in in-patient and out-patient records should consider getting this certificate as it gives them a sharp edge to get a better job prospect in this highly competitive market.

What kind of education is needed to become a CCS coder?

The basic preparation starts at school. You can choose math, biology and computer science. Coding is facilitated via computer, so it’s better if you are familiar and comfortable using one.
The Commission for Accreditation on Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIIM) provides degree programs to associates, bachelor degree and masters level. Such accredited programs cover computer skills. It is always a better option to get a certificate course on coding. This course teaches you the basic skills which are required to be a CCS trained medical coder.

How to become a CCS-Certified Medical Coder?

The Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) designation is offered by The American Health Information Management Association. The eligibility to appear in that exam is to have a high school diploma or any degree equivalent to that. However, it is required to have at least 3 year of experience in the hospital industry, according to AHIMA. There is a preference for those who knows about in-patient and out-patient, also who has completed course in pharmacology, pathopysiology and anatomy.