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How Can Your Healthcare Business Benefit from Outsourced Practice Management

In the healthcare domain, practice management holds a prime position. Nowadays, healthcare service providers have become a central pillar to render eminent services to run a profitable business enterprise. The entire cycle of services are well performed, when practice management is outsourced. Managing administrative chores in a healthcare establishment is not child’s play. An eye […]

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How to Achieve Better Quality Control in Medical Coding & Billing Services

Medical billing and coding are the two motors which keep the human services framework going. The healthcare industry won’t have the capacity to work skillfully with transmitting imperative information. Truth to be told, without appropriate medicinal billing and coding, the healthcare suppliers perhaps have hard time to get their installment for the administration they gave. […]

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Patient Eligibility and Authorization Verification

Medical billing & coding professionals are the backbone of any successful revenue cycle management process. They are responsible for many key tasks that together go into making every claim submission successful. It cannot be denied that the meticulous completion of administrative functions is an imperative step to make the process more streamlined. In the medical […]

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The Importance of HIPAA Compliance in Medical Billing

Security breaches—in the sensitive industry of healthcare—are always bad news. When patients’ data privacy and confidentiality go berserk, ripples can be felt across the entire trillion-dollar healthcare industry. Clients will lose confidence and profitability can take a serious hit. Security issues plague medical billing on a regular basis. There are countless stories making the rounds […]

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Top 3 Advantages of Using Medical Billing Outsourcing Services in Your Healthcare Business

Medical billing outsourcing organizations exist to help restorative suppliers and human services associations enhance their financial presentation. Medical billing outsourcing helps you increase your collections and free you from the pain of representative engagement related issues. An outsourced medical billing service keeps you instructed about which modifiers can be used or how to charge for […]

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The Importance of Using Correct Modifiers in DME Billing And Coding

Using the correct modifier in medical coding and billing harbors the entire process. When modifiers are used in an accurate manner, DME services are well-managed. Outsourcing DME billing and coding services are delivered with immense expertise. The service has both professional and technical components and modifiers are two digit codes appended by CPT. Similarly, a […]