Accounts Receivable

How to Overcome Common Obstacles in Accounts Receivable Collection

During an assessment of a physician’s practices of medical billing, one of the perennial questions that come across is “Why are our collections in accounts receivables inconclusive?” Evaluation & effective measurement clearly shows that most providers’ staff responsible for revenue cycle management lacks the knowledge of the requisite benchmarks that can provide them a transparent […]

Medical Coding Staffing Remote Medical Coder

Is there a Better Alternative to Conventional Medical Coding Staffing?

Have you ever tried to find out any alternative to conventional medical coding staffing while orchestrating and implementing healthcare business plans? Perhaps, you haven’t thought of it in this line. Chances are, you are still carrying the orthodox notion and are seeking help from conventional medical coding staffing. To make the process transparent and efficient, […]

Healthcare Outsourcing Medical Billing Nursing Home Billing

5 Advantages of Using Healthcare Billing Outsourcing Services

Healthcare billing is termed as the most taxing and cumbersome of the entire billing process. It has multiple diagnostic codes and processes that needs firm expertise. To deal with inaccuracies and intermittent cash flow, healthcare billing outsourcing services give an instant impetus and defines billing needs with more sophisticated and streamlined operations. Outsourcing companies in […]

Prior Authorizations

Paper vs. Electronic Prior Authorization – The Comparison Study You’ve Been Waiting For!

Disruptive technologies and innovations in business strategy are constantly changing the real-time dimensions of the healthcare industry in all aspects. Today, leading providers as well as payors are looking for cutting-edge business models that will augment their business growth. Prior Authorization services are often regarded as the fundamental pedestal that influences the financial health of […]

Prior Authorizations

3 Simple Tips for Prior Authorization Success

Very often, it has been observed that physicians get bogged down with prior authorization paper work— inevitably stealing their time and distracts them from patients—leading to soaring practice costs. The in-house management poses different threats and barriers to patient care while interrupting treatments. Information and data are gems to be preserved meticulously. In medical billing […]