Prior Authorizations

Paper vs. Electronic Prior Authorization – The Comparison Study You’ve Been Waiting For!

Disruptive technologies and innovations in business strategy are constantly changing the real-time dimensions of the healthcare industry in all aspects. Today, leading providers as well as payors are looking for cutting-edge business models that will augment their business growth. Prior Authorization services are often regarded as the fundamental pedestal that influences the financial health of […]

Prior Authorizations

3 Simple Tips for Prior Authorization Success

Very often, it has been observed that physicians get bogged down with prior authorization paper work— inevitably stealing their time and distracts them from patients—leading to soaring practice costs. The in-house management poses different threats and barriers to patient care while interrupting treatments. Information and data are gems to be preserved meticulously. In medical billing […]

Medical Billing Prior Authorizations

Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Prior Authorizations

When you are in a healthcare business, your approach should be very detail-oriented. Once you miss a single strand of information, your business may come under the scanner and similarly, it may lead to financial pitfalls. Dealing with prior authorization—in medical billing—manifests profitability. After conducting several heavy-weight researches, prior-authorization is recommended as an essential part […]

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