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It is true that presently a lot of HME providers are facing serious challenges in managing their front office work which leads to delayed payments. Finding a reliable partner that can help in eliminating proven pain areas in your practice management should be the way forward. GoTelecare has the unique ability of delivering it all with pre and post HME billing and that too at next door rates that can transform your cash flow.

We have extensive experience in working across all major practice management systems like the CPR+HME, Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI, Fasttrack and many more. Also, we are perfectly equipped to handle any client proprietary systems and take pride in the fact that we are currently serving three of the top ten largest DME companies in the country with a total revenue of over $1.6 billion dollars per year.

Gotelecare is a market leader in the field of HME billing and have exposure across all product lines like CPAP, BIPAP, Nebulizer, Oxygen, Wheelchairs, Power Mobility, Enteral and Ostomy Supplies and others.

Surefire reasons that make us a reliable HME Billing partner

GoTelecare takes pride in a pool of HME billers / coders who have the unique ability of offering unparalleled support. Some of the reasons that make us your ultimate HME billing destination are:

• Complete access to experienced resources on a dedicated basis at $7 per hour
• No additional costs for dedicated account managers
• No charges for team leaders for seamless communication
• 20% internal audits performed regularly without any additional expenses
• Reducing your current billing costs by 75%
• Highest productivity metrics in the entire industry
• No binding contracts
• Liability insurance coverage of $2 million with a million-dollar coverage per incident

Our Service Portfolio in HME billing

• New Patient Order Entry
• Eligibility
• Prior Authorization
• Doctors Office Follow-up
• Confirmation
• Claims Submission
• Rejection Management
• Payment Posting
• Denial Management
• Customer Service

We have unmatched versatility, great competence and offer a near perfect action plan in HME billing which is rare in the competitive landscape. Our team guarantees almost a 97% first pass rate that will boost your collections by 30% to 40% within the first one month itself. No one does it better than GoTelecare in HME billing.

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Frequent Questions

Firstly, how does the time zone differential in regards to ongoing communication work?

advantageous to be able to speak with our billers during our business hours.
We work as per our client’s time zone. Hence all billers assigned to your project will be available during business hours. There will be a Manager assigned too who will be available through the business hours as well.

Are the schedules set to Monday- Friday only? Or, are there options to possibly have an associate have a schedule that verifies insurance over the weekend for on call delivery drivers?

The major part of the team works Monday through Friday. We do have team members working over weekends and outside business hours to support client functions/activities.

I believe you already touched on this, but is your organization familiar with Brightree’sMyForms and Apacheta?

Yes, we are familiar with Brightree and MyForms.

Are we involved in the choosing of our associate(s) from your organization? Or, do you choose on our behalf?

The usual practice is for us to assign staff based on skill set required to perform activities as per the scope of work outlined in the Statement of Work (contract). However, you could speak with them as well prior to them being included in your projects.

I’m very interested in an associate performing the DME Billing Workflow you have in the attachment you sent. Does one person have the capability of performing this entire workflow? Then, as volume increases to the point where one person can no longer handle, we just simply add another associate?

That is correct. We could have 1 associate perform the entire workflow and include additional associates as the volume of work increases. However, we recommend that 1 associate works on pre-billing while the other works on billing and post-billing activities due to the skills that the various areas of work involve. This ensures that all activities remain up to date and is worked as per various priorities.

Just wanted to confirm if your company has experience verifying and billing for the following items:

1. PAP- BiPAP, ASV, PAP with O2 and PAP resupply orders
2. Wheelchair for K1-K7 along with high back wheelchairs. Elevated foot rests if doctor prefers.
3. Walker/rollator
4. 3 and 1 commode
5. Oxygen
6. Hospital Beds
7. Splints (wrists) braces (knee)
8. Walking Boots
9. Nebulizers
We have experience in the above mentioned equipment/device/items.

I assume you have a very thorough process for keeping up with Medicare guidelines, correct? Does your company provide any sort of updates when something changes for our organization?

Oh, one last question I forgot to include.
All teams that work for clients based on Medicare guidelines refer to guidelines available in the cms.gov website,

Does your company handle Hospice billing as well?

Yes, we do have exposure to Hospice billing activities.

No more from Gotelecare experts on how we set the benchmark. Talk to us about our HME billing plan!

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