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GoTelecare Sets The Benchmark in Radiology Billing Services

There is no denying the fact that a lot of procedures are involved in the process of radiology billing. To get the right approvals on time, finding the right documents that help in proving the medical necessity sets the perfect platform to get all the documents on time. A reliable operational extension, delivers actionable solutions by implementing the right checks and balances for a complete revenue cycle management effort to fall in place.

As a radiology provider, you must be contained by higher costs of operations, rising back logs of claims, not getting the approval for prior authorization on time which further delays the treatment and consequently the process of securing reimbursements on time. It becomes all the more important for a radiology practice to make sure everything is on order and outsourcing appears to be an ideal solution for a lot of them.

GoTelecare sets the perfect platform for a quicker cash flow

If you are looking for complete solutions in radiology billing, GoTelecare has the ideal answer. Over the last 15 years, we have been working with some of the top names and have earned a niche edge in working with both healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction. Our team understands what it takes to add value by working as a complete operational partner for your radiology billing operational activities.

Our radiology pre/post billing services include:

♦ New patient Entry
♦ Eligibility and Benefits Verification
♦ Prior Authorization
♦ Medical Coding
♦ Claims Submission
♦ Rejection Management
♦ Payment Posting
♦ Accounts Receivables Follow-up
♦ Denial Management
♦ Customer Service

Our excellent practice management prowess
Our streamlined support in radiology prior authorization will lead to:

Reducing rates of denials in Authorization: We are able create a system for tracking the denials from the insurance companies, implement necessary actions on future authorization requests.

Process Stability: We help in achieving consistent processes, robust internal auditing approach with higher productivity at 99.99% accuracy.

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Frequent Questions

How do you offer radiology billing?

We have a complete approach by checking the eligibility, checking on the authorization outcome update, submitting the claims, managing rejections and getting the accounts receivable collected on time, posting the payments on time. In fact, we are a 360 degree RCM destination, working with the biggest and the best.

What is the cost of outsourcing your radiology billing?

We offer dedicated resources, a superior pool in radiology billing working for you at $7 per hour. Our engagement process., ability to offer niche support makes all the difference. We have ability to offer support across multiple practice management systems with ease and consistency.

Do you send the invoices or patient statements?

We do it all for you as you want us to work it out. During the transition period , we develop the process manual, our point of reference. Our uniqueness lies in delivering you customized support as per your specific requirements.

Let us share with you, what difference we bring to the table
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