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GoTelecare Drives Your Infusion Billing To A Better Cash Flow

Currently working with the biggest names in the Infusion space, GoTelecare has the perfect plan for a better revenue cycle management effort. We have been a champion healthcare services company for more than a decade, offering superior pool of resources, giving you a complete new edge in collections and delivering both pre/ post billing solutions.

What makes our services different from our competitors?

We are the only company, offering support across all practice management systems including: Brightree, CPR+, Fastrack, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI

GoTelecare is a market leader with

• Access to dedicated resources at any time for $7 / hr
• Free Account Managers/ team leaders at no additional costs
• Immediate reduction of operational costs by 75%
• Almost 20% internal audits conducted regularly without any additional charges
• Highest productivity with customized reporting
• No binding contracts and transition offered at no additional expenses

We are a one stop infusion billing support partner with
• Experienced staff to meet your specific needs
• Solutions and technology that drives your cash flow

GoTelecare excels in doing all the heavy lifting work infusion billing

Our team takes pride in offering task specific support in :
• Order Entry
• Doctor’s Office Follow ups
• Eligibility Verification/ Prior Authorization
• Order Confirmation/ Scheduling the delivery

This makes us unique in the entire RCM world! As a reliable operational extension, our team has the perfect delivery of doing it all in post billing work :
• Claims Submission
• Rejection Management
• Payment Posting
• Denial Management
• Customer Service

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Frequent Questions

Why should we outsource infusion billing?

Specialized professionals know how to report CPT codes like 96365 with a patient receiving therapeutic infusion of a drug for one hour. Outsourcing helps you in reducing your overall operational costs, helps you focus on your patient care.

What will be the benefits?

We have numerous success stories on how we have been exceptional with our robust process of follow ups, working on denials, making sure that we make every effort that any money you owe is brought back. Our team has the ultimate exposure in offering a complete RCM experience.

What are your contractual policies?

We have flexible or a no binding contract process and deliver unmatched standards with a liability cover of $3 million for any errors of Omission & Commission with $1 million per incidence. Working with us is just like a family and we believe in serving with compliance and trust.

How soon can we start working?

Any time after the contract is signed , we set up the pilot call and the process of transition applies. It is a two week information sharing episode where we prepare the process manual for our as well as yours point of reference on how reporting and everything will apply.

Our experts will be glad to share on how we make a genuine difference

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